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2D Barcode SMS Solution

What is 2D SMS Solution?

2D Barcode images are sent to mobile phones. Customers save the image and present it at the access / pay point for authentication purposes. The system normally attached to a database, which is also hooked up with the account system, and the moment the item is scanned it deducts the item from the warehouse's inventory.

Benefits to apply 2D Barcode SMS Solution to your business

  • No more long queue - imagine you arrive at the movie theater with the 2D Barcode in your mobile phone and just walk pass the 2D Barcode scanner and take your seat to enjoy the movie.
  • Reduce operation cost / work load  - the 2D Barcode SMS Solution has attached to your accounting system, all the check-in / check-out item is recorded automatically and the reports are generated at the end of day.
  • Develop company reputation - just to compare a company which having higher technology in place and a company that still using the traditional method to run the business.
  • 99% delivery of information - A retail shop that send out discount vouchers with snail mail could now replace the paper work to 2D Barcode SMS.
  • Reduce fraud Credit Card transaction - Imagine your customer show their mobile phone with 2D barcode during credit card transaction for authentication purpose.
  • Retain more customers - You are showing that you always carry the best interest of your customers at heart through eliminating any situation that could lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Our products with 2D Barcode SMS Solution

  • Voucher Delivery System (m-Voucher)
  • Ticketing System (m-Ticket)
  • Hotel Check-in System (m-Pass)
  • Security / Authentication System (m-Pass)

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